Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving Thanks

What a fun week!!  We had Thanksgiving, our elf, Jingles, arrived, and Zadie turned six months old!  On Thanksgiving Day, I made sure that Lucas named some things he was thankful for.  He said, "God, Jesus, mommy and daddy, Lathan and Zadie, and our house."  A pretty good list for a brand new four-year-old! After naming things for which we are thankful, there was a knock at the door.
This package had arrived!!  It was super cold (thanks to being in the freezer overnight), and it was from Santa, so we determined it must have come from the North Pole!!
Lucas was a little apprehensive about the contents...
but it was just a friendly little elf, who Lucas named Jingles.
After we properly welcomed Jingles, we went to my grandmother's for Thanksgiving lunch.  We stuffed ourselves on Turkey and desserts, and then we decided to have a family dodge ball game (which my team totally won!)

We avoided the black Friday madness, spent a quiet weekend at home, and today, sweet baby Zadie turned six months old!  She has brought so many blessings into our lives, and we have been so proud to be her parents for the past half year!!
What a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  Our lives are so full and blessed, and we are oh so thankful, not just in November, but throughout the year!!

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